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Beñat Galdós, founder of Galde (which means question in Basque), has a double degree in Computer Engineering + Business Administration and Management. He worked in several start-ups in different roles: data scientist, software quality engineer (QA) and commercial engineer in an information security company, and as a designer and executor of digital marketing strategies.

Additionally, he is part of the global network of young people Global Shapers, promoted by the World Economic Forum.

As a result of his knowledge of different fields, Beñat detected a latent need in many organizations: to be able to digitize at the pace demanded by the market. And this implies constantly questioning where an organization is, collecting and analyzing the required data to optimize its situation.

Beñat Galdós
Founder of Galde

Startup Builders

All of us sometimes have had a (more or less) crazy idea about a business, initiative, etc. and ever wanted to make it real.

At Galde we support entrepreneurs with recognized professional background in domains in which they are experts to co-create solutions that can take advantage of the benefits of data analysis and artificial intelligence models, in order to allow them to optimize processes, or automate partially or totally such processes.

Business Strategy

Making decisions to run a business is not trivial. Management positions (whether they are operational managers, middle managers or senior management) are under great pressure due to the large number of decisions they have to make every day, which impact not only their employees, but also the rest of stakeholders (clients, suppliers, public institutions, etc.).

To facilitate this decision-making process, at Galde we use and modify commercial tools, and / or create tools if necessary, to generate dashboards that display the key performance indicators on which actions need to be taken, as well as to monitor the effects of those actions.

Additionally, we have an alliance with nGloba Strategy, an expert strategic consultancy which can transform slumbered teams into high-performance teams.

Commercial Strategy

There are many companies that, in some cases justifiably and in others out of mere fashion, try to implement offline and online sales strategies. However, the success of these strategies differs greatly between companies.

At Galde we support companies by analyzing their historical data and creating new data sources, so that they can understand why they are where they are, in addition to giving them improvement guidelines and implementing automation mechanisms, so that the clients can optimize their sales strategy.

Finally, we give them tools so that they can keep track of the commercial actions they have been executing.

Traditional Business Upgrade

However, not all businesses are startups. Many of them bring legacies from the past and, with the great knowledge, experience and know-how they have gathered, they want to update their business to the latest trends, in order to adapt to the new digital reality that we live in.

If you think that your company or organization is identified with this paragraph and is willing to make changes, Galde can support you.

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