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Galde is born from understanding the environment in which we live. There are many people (whether they are managers of small businesses or employees of large companies) who require very diverse digital solutions and Galde can assist you in those tasks.

Galde FAQ

Tool based on AI and deep neural networks so that software users can solve their doubts themselves without needing a support team.

Galde Web

Web development to your liking, either through CMS (WordPress, PrestaShop, etc.) or with ad hoc developments.

Galde Apps

Creation of mobile applications on Android and iOS to bring your next project to reality.


Beñat has a double degree in Computer Engineering + Business Administration and Management. He has worked in several start-ups in different roles: data scientist, software quality engineer (QA) and sales engineer in a computer security company, and as a designer and executor of digital marketing strategies.

Additionally, he is part of the global network of young people Global Shapers, promoted by the World Economic Forum.

As a result of his knowledge of different fields, Beñat developed Galde FAQ as a result of his two final degree projects, and making the product useful in society is another reason why he has launched himself into entrepreneurship.

Beñat Galdós

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