Bizimodu (Plastikorik ez), empresa de venta de productos a granel, fue uno de los primeros clientes de Galde, quien le hizo una página web.

Project: Bizimodu Creation of a corporate website for a bulk food store and plastic replacement products

A little before the summer of 2019, a new business called Bizimodu (Plastikorik Ez!) Appeared, run by Jaione Oyarzabal, in the Plaza de los Fueros de Errenteria. What is their mission? As Jaione herself says in this interview made with Oarsoaldea, the regional economic development agency, Bizimodu is a food store in bulk and articles that seek to substitute others made up of single-use plastic. In fact, quoting the interview:

Many people are uninformed or do not have the necessary tools to lead a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way of life. […] I want people to get into the habit of making a much more self-conscious purchase, taking the time to think about what I’m going to eat and how much I really need.

Thus, given the potential of this business located in the heart of Errenteria, Galde did not hesitate to contact Jaione to help him create his web portal. And precisely, here you can click to find Bizimodu’s website.

Follow the Bizimodu and Galde networks to find out about news from both businesses!

In the same way, if you are still thinking about it but you want to have a digital presence with a web page, contact Galde or write a WhatsApp!

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