Comadera es la plataforma para la intermediación en la compraventa de maderas, y Galde ha apoyado tanto en el desarrollo web como en el desarrollo de sistemas de recomendación.

Project: Comadera Support for the B2B marketplace whose mission is to revolutionize the wood sector

In mid-2019, and with the support of BerriUp and Easo Ventures, Comadera, a B2B platform that transforms relations between agents operating in the wood sector was created. It allows you to buy, receive quotes and compare prices, delivery times, etc. Simplify the chain, eliminating intermediaries that do not add value to the final product.

After a year of activity and having the foundations generated by Aitor Maritxalar and Gari Iruretagoiena, Comadera has decided to trust Galde to carry out improvements in the current development, as well as to strengthen the support of the platform, so that it can evolve to the next level.

In case the project you are involved in needs a technical revision or improvement, do not hesitate to contact Galde or write a WhatsApp!

Similarly, if you are still in a preliminary phase, but want to have a digital presence with a web page, contact anyway!

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