Galde FAQ, el producto de Galde basado en Inteligencia Artificial para automatizar las respuestas a incidentes software.

Project: Galde FAQ Galde FAQ as a tool to improve operational efficiency

As pointed on the landing page, this project was created by Beñat, the founder of Galde, as a combination of his two final degree projects. In his personal blog you can see some advice that he was invited to share from the University of Deusto, given that it was the winner of the award for the best End-of-Degree Project in Business Administration and Management of its class, and the only honors degree in Computer Engineering of said class.

The objective of this project to tackle an issue that is relevant to many companies today: the use of software by users. Although there are users who are experts in using the tools that are given to them, others have more difficulties for many reasons: lack of knowledge, too much habit with legacy systems, etc.

The point is that this ignorance usually generates anxiety, concern, fear in users. And the latter usually try to go to support teams or their own colleagues / bosses to be able to solve their incidents and problems with the programs, generating efficiency losses that are difficult to evaluate, but that we will all have experienced at different times in our lives.

Wouldn’t it be better if each user could be autonomous and self-taught, being able to adapt to situations and not having to depend on others? And all this being able to do it with an application with a simple interface, based on the latest AI technologies and deep learning and that is becoming more and more precise over time?

Well, that is the value proposition that Galde FAQ offers. In case you want more information, do not hesitate to contact or write a WhatsApp!

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