Galde ha actualizado y mantiene la web de Global Shapers Community, Hub de Bilbao; la delegación de Bilbao de la comunidad de jóvenes del Foro Económico Mundial.

Project: Global Shapers Bilbao-Euskadi Maintenance of the organization's website

Since 2015, Global Shapers, the global association of young people between 20 and 30 years old promoted by the World Economic Forum, created its headquarters in Bilbao, taking the form of Global Shapers Bilbao-Euskadi. The main person responsible for the creation of Global Shapers Bilbao (known as Founding Curator within the jargon of the Global Shapers network) was Jorge García del Arco, social entrepreneur.

From there, young people from different parts of the Basque Country have gathered at this Global Shapers Bilbao headquarters to carry out different projects of social impact, and this group is part of Beñat Galdós. With this, Beñat, together with Miriam Gaztelumendi and Leire Estenaga, have acted and act as webmasters of the page, with the aim of making the corresponding updates to it and improve technical details and security flaws that may occur in the same.

You can visit it here, as well as check the projects that are being developed from the Global Shapers Bilbao Hub.

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