Galde apoyó a Neska Polita en ordenar los contenidos legales de su página web.

Project: Neska Polita Adaptation of various eCommerce legal texts to comply with regulation

At the end of November, Neska Polita contacted Galde to validate the adequacy of the legal contents of its future website and that these comply with the requirements established by various regulations, as well as the GDPR, LOPD or LSSICE.

Neska Polita is a recently created soap store, located in Irún and created by Grace, who wanted to start into the online world.

If you want to know more about this soap store and even buy something from there, we encourage you to visit its online store, as well as to follow Neska Polita on its different social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram.

In case the project in which you are involved needs a review of legal aspects or technical improvement, do not hesitate to contact Galde!

In the same way, if you are still in a preliminary phase, but you want to have a digital presence with a web page, contact anyway!

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