Oniversity, la plataforma educativa online para seniors de más de 55 años, ha sido puramente desarrollada por Galde.

Project: Oniversity Creation of the e-Learning platform aimed at the elderly

In mid-September, Galde received a request from Olga Rivera, Professor of Innovation at the University of Deusto, to give her technological support in the launch of Oniversity, the virtual university for active and healthy older people.

Oniversity is an online platform designed so that people over 55 can train in those topics that interest them most, choosing from various training options and thematic lines, a radically innovative project in the field of experiences generated for older people, which It will allow them to continue learning and socializing with absolute safety from the place that is most comfortable for them. The platform is fully operational from a smart mobile phone, a fixed computer, laptop or a tablet.

Training opportunities

Oniversity includes three training options:

  1. Conferences. This format consists of a meeting place in which senior profiles will give presentations on topics of interest, as well as possibly hand out documentation.
  2. Workshops. Through the workshops, a little more depth will be given to topics covered in a more specific way, such as conferences. For this, it will be a somewhat more extensive training than the conferences and with some more attached documentation.
  3. Courses. This format is already the next step to the seminar, and is based on giving complete training on a specific topic. Therefore, it is expected that this format can be extended for several weeks or months, also providing access to the amount of documentation that the teacher sees fit.


Additionally, Oniversity will address various topics, such as health, digital skills, entrepreneurship, etc.

Institutional support and Teachers

This pioneering initiative, led by Olga Rivera, PhD, and developed with the collaboration of Galde, has the support of IAUTA, the International Association of Universities of the Third Age, to provide knowledge and highly qualified teachers to enrich the contents of Oniversity and is born connected to the main local and international associations oriented to innovation and the achievement of active and healthy aging.

If you are interested in this initiative, do not hesitate to look at the available Catalog so you do not miss your next training!

In case the project you are involved in needs a technical revision or improvement, do not hesitate to contact Galde or write a WhatsApp!

Similarly, if you are still in a preliminary phase, but want to have a digital presence with a web page, contact anyway!

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