PoleApp, una aplicación móvil para el Pole Sport y Pole Dance creada en la colaboración entre Galde y JM Pole Sport.

Project: PoleApp A fitness app for the Spanish-speaking community of Pole Sport

PoleApp is quite a different project that Galde is currently working on, alongside Miguel Alejandria and JM Pole Sport. This project consists of an application for mobile phone whose objective is to help the practitioners of Pole Sport, an intense minority sport that increasingly amazes more men and women to have a guide to the exercises that can be done with a pole.

Just as there is currently a fairly strong community in Spain and Latin America, it may be an interesting opportunity for PoleApp to act as a centralized application that allows the community to bring together.

The first test with users will be done on Android, and this project is currently under development. For more previews, feel free to follow JM Pole Sport on Instagram!

And last but not least. If there is ever that you have had a great idea that you wanted to carry out in the form of a mobile application, but you did not know how, do not hesitate to contact or write a WhatsApp!

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