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Beñat Galdós, founder of Galde (in Basque, question), after working in several start-ups in areas such as data analysis, computer security and digital marketing, detected a latent need in many organizations: to be able to digitize at the rate that the market demands.

Unfortunately, there is not always a clear alignment between strategy, culture and technology within organizations, so at Galde we create continuous data-driven improvement processes that allow people’s coordination.

Beñat Galdós, Founder of Galde, has worked previously on several sectors, such as data analytics, cyber security and digital marketing.


We have all had a crazy idea to create a business, initiative, etc. in our lives.

At Galde we support expert entrepreneurs with recognized professional career to co-create solutions based on data analysis and artificial intelligence models, in order to optimize processes, or automate them partially or totally.

Data + Strategy

Both managers and technicians make a large number of decisions every day, the impact of which is reflected throughout the organization.

At Galde we adapt commercial tools and develop new ones if necessary, in order to visualize the key data and indicators to execute and monitor the pertinent actions.

Additionally, we have an alliance with nGloba Strategy, an expert strategic consultancy which transforms slumbered teams into high-performance teams.


However, not all businesses are start-ups. Many of them bring legacies from the past and, with the great knowledge, experience and know-how they have gathered, they want to update their business to the new digital reality that we live in.

If you think that your company or organization is identified with this paragraph and is willing to make changes, Galde can support you.

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