Atalaia oinetakoak, uno de los primeros clientes de Galde, a quien Galde desarrolló una tienda online.

Project: ataLaia oinetakoak Online store to digitize a local business

In this strange time of COVID-19 that we live in, there have been many very different reactions among different segments of the population. However, many male and female entrepreneurs have seen opportunities that other people may have overlooked.

And this is the case of ataLaia oinetakoak. Despite being a local shoe store located in Zumaia, it has decided to take the next step and create an online store, with the aim of selling its shoes from various high-quality brands to places other than Spain.

Faced with this situation, Galde has accompanied ataLaia oinetakoak to reinforce its digital presence that it already had on different social networks (Facebook, Instagram), creating a web page for this.

You can visit it here; it is reachable to all those who want to gift (or gift themselves) a new glamorous pair.

In case you want to increase the scope of your business and generate an online store for various reasons, or if you want to have a web page that is not a store, but that allows you to establish your identity online, do not hesitate to contact or write a WhatsApp!

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